Green Groomers renovates overgrown landscapes, incorporates design and installations, and integrates complete landscape maintenance. Our team includes an educated horticulturist who's experience and knowledge will magnify your landscape appeal and strengthen the health of your plants. We have also added a member of our team who has been designing residential landscapes for over 15 years on Bainbridge Island.

Our services include:

  • Skillful tree & shrub pruning (opposed to "hacking" your plants back)

  • Amending existing soil (compost, mulch, manure, bark, etc.)

  • Rock work (retaining walls, flagstone, accent rock, etc.)

  • Seasonal fertilization for ornamental & edible gardens

  • Small scale landscape design & installation

  • General garden maintenance

  • Lawn care & restoration

  • Edible garden care

  • Slope stabilization

  • Transplanting

Deep root aeration & fertilization:

We have recently begun to incorporate the aeration and fertilization of medium to large trees into our services, as it have become a common request among our clientele. Aerating the root system of a tree improves the availability of water and oxygen to the root system and is most effective in compacted soils. Following aeration, adding fertilizer and/or compost will provide an instant boots to the tree’s overall health. As a result of aeration and soil amendment, the trees roots will run deeper into the ground and develop a stronger foundation; reducing the risk of uprooting. In my experience, this is the most effective method of improving tree structure, enhance vitality, and approved appearance. In addition to drilling aeration holes, we can also install aeration tubes for evenly dispersed water throughout the plant root zone, here is how they work: